Online scheduling with beauty salons, barbershops and aesthetic clinics.

Project Overview

WhatStyle is a platform by Mundial SA for online scheduling with beauty salons, barbershops and aesthetic clinics.

The mobile application has functionality to search for nearby salons or services and online scheduling by clients who use the app. The client will also be able to choose his professional, the best day and time and be able to follow the situation of his appointment in real time. The mobile application also has an area dedicated to professionals who can monitor appointments with their clients and manage their services and schedules.

The web application is aimed at salon administrators and has features related to complete management of the salon, such as registering services, professionals, clients, opening hours, creating orders, viewing reports and managing an online agenda.

The Approach & Technologies

The mobile application was developed for native Android with Java programming language. To define the application architecture, the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern was used. For HTTP requests, the Retrofit dependency was chosen. It also has the sending of push notifications using Firebase.

The web application was developed with the Ruby On Rails framework in MVC architecture and PostgreSQL database.


  • Client: Mundial SA
  • Company: Gigaservices
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: Android

Android Java MVC Retrofit Firebase Ruby On Rails PostgreSQL